C Enterprise Limited (CEL) – Development, manufacturing, and marketing of innovative products that meet and exceed the expectations of quality and value. Our key product lines include high quality power tools and household appliances, desktop 3D printers and associated peripherals.

The design and development centre for CEL is based in Bristol, UK, which provides world-class product development and intellectual property. Our design facility enables CEL to produce new innovative product lines and evolve existing ranges.

With regional sales offices in UK, Europe, HK and China as well as affiliates and authorized distributors in more than 45 countries, we span many continents and speak many languages but are bound by one common objective: quality, innovative products at great value.

We strive to maintain an extremely high level of customer satisfaction, from the individual end user right up to the market leading retailers, these relationships will secure the future of CEL and benefit all partners that work alongside us.

During 2008, CEL launch the world´s first cordless workstation in the world – the POWER8workshop®. Ideal for professional tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, the set includes a stainless steel armoured case which when combined with the four 18-volt cordless tools transforms them into their powerful benchtop equivalents.

CEL have been working on the brand new desktop 3D printer Robox® since 2012, and the world’s most accessible, modular, easy-to-use additive manufacturing system is now available to everyone. Robox is the future of micro-manufacturing; with its HeadLock™ system, Robox will operate with different heads and users will have the opportunity to upgrade their Robox to become a dual material printer, stylus cutter, milling head or 3D scanner.

CEL and its business partners span many continents and speak different languages but are bounded by one common objective to grow the value that promotes excellence in product of Creativity, Evolution and Lifestyle.