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Robox2 – roboxdual 

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Weight in use (kg) : 8.3kg 
Weight for shipping (kg) : 11.4kg
Description : 

RoboxDual is an update to the original Robox and includes a Dual Material Head, 2 extruders and the ability to print in 2 materials at once. Updated parts and manufacturing techniques provide redundancy and future proofing.

2 HeadLock compatible heads are included in this package; providing improved detail, higher speeds and model strength and now multiple materials in a single print. The new DualMaterial Head and the spectacular QuickFill Head which has won Robox so much praise. 

The best thing about dual material printing is the ability to create parts which were previously difficult or even impossible with a single material printer. By creating a support structure with a material which can peel away or be dissolved from the model easily we can increase the accuracy of overhangs and still remove these supports without damaging the model. A mechanical design engineer can now prototype injection mould designs on their desk without needing to modify the design for ease of printing.


Functions/Common uses : 

- Mobile phone cases and holders
- Custom or replacement household items such as Coffee Cups or Vases
- Fashion items and customised accessories
- Household repairs and diy items eg. A broken handle for the cupboard door
- Prototypes and aesthetic models, architecture and usable 3D objects
- Film and tv props and special effects
- Custom fitted masks and fancy dress accessories
- Educational props and science projects
- Custom photographic items
- Your own unique design or variations on a design....the possibilities are endless!
- Print any 3d model. Commonly used .stl and .obj formats are supported natively

Whats in the Box? : 

- RoboxDual Micro-Manufacturing Platform
     ->This includes 2x RBX01-X2 extruders
- DualMaterial FFF Print Head (RBX01-DM)
- 1x SmartReel (~120m) of Robox Orange PLA 
- 1x SmartReel (~120m) of PolySupport
- Dual Reel Adaptor (RBX01-DA)
- Set of 4 Cleanup Tools
- Bottle of Axis Lubricant (7ml)
- Bed Cleaning Wipes (10)
- Tweezers
- 2GB USB Drive containing AutoMaker software and sample models 
     ->We recommend downloading the latest version 
- 2m USB Cable
- 2m IEC C6 AC Power Cable
- Quick Start Guide
- Safety Information Booklet
- Warranty Registration Card

Specification : 

- Print Technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
- Build Size (L X W X H): approx. 210 X 150 X 100mm (8.3 X 5.9 X 3.9in)
- Layer Resolutions: Super (up to 20 microns/ 0.0007 in),High (100 microns/ 0.0039 in), Standard (200 microns/ 0.0078 in), Low (300 microns/ 0.0003 in)
- Positioning Precision: XY: 7.5 microns (0.0003 in), Z: 0.15625 microns (0.000006 in)
- Filament Diameter: 1.75mm (0.069 in)
- Nozzle Diameters: 0.4mm (0.015 in) 
- Model Materials: PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, PC, CO-PET, Flexible TPU
- Support Materials: PolySupport
- Software Bundle:Robox® AutoMaker
- File Types: .stl, .obj
- Software Compatibility: Windows 7+, MacOS X 10.6+ and Ubuntu Linux 12.04+


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Robox2 – roboxdual

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