On 30th Oct, last Halloween, MakerBay held its first ever workshop “Spooky-eyed Skulls” on their new site, Central (PMQ) in Hong Kong. In the workshop, participants, aged from 5 to 11, were required to drill holes through a 3D-printed skull, run wires through these channels and solder header connectors and cycling LEDs on the wires. These Spooky-eyed Skulls does not only offer extra accessories for kids to Halloween Parties, but also give them a shot to experiment with the 3D Printer. Some said they have never seen a 3D Printer’s in action. Not just the kids, even the adults had fun with it. William, MakerBay’s member said, “It was a good experience for me and I hope this for them too. This is a series of induction workshops on 3D Printing coming up and the enthusiastic response of this time has left us in much confidence,”

Additionally, in November, there’s a fund-raising campaign for Principal Chan’s Tutorial Free World. Do not miss the chance! For more detail, please visit here:  http://www.makerbay.org/collections/makerbay-classes/products/makerbay-central-makerbay-for-principal-chan-free-tutorial-world-charity-course-3d-printing-1-2-3-families

* Photos and info provided by MakerBay and STEAMaker Ltd.

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